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Profile & philosophy

We, Betriebskrankenkasse PricewaterhouseCoopers, are a modern service company.

We provide services, develop these services and offer them to our customers. We win people over with the scope and quality of our offering, and base our work on the requirements and expectations of our customers.

We like to enter into dialog in order to be able to get to know and meet our customers’ requirements and expectations. We are constantly developing our ability to recognize the customer’s needs and expectations and implement them in the services that we offer and cementing these aspects within our organizational structure.

We are a partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH.

As a company health insurance provider, we base our services on the specific needs of our companies and their staff. We support them with a targeted and integrated social and health policy; we provide them with rapid and reliable advice in all matters of social insurance, thus contributing to reducing their financial outlay for administration.

Our “self-administrators” have special significance for our partnership with the company PricewaterhouseCoopers. They represent the interests of the policyholders and the company within BKK. They make the most important decisions, and fulfill the role of forming options and raising awareness.

We are consistently customer-oriented.

We focus not on our products, but on our customers and their social needs and wishes. For us, proximity to the customer means knowing them and their needs, advising them on an individual basis, and maintaining direct and intensive relationships. Proximity to the customer also means having more time for our customers. We are our customers’ point of contact when it comes to health or illness, and health or social insurance. This means: They can take advantage of our information and advice services both in the case of an insured event and at any other time. Since it is entirely the customer’s decision whether or not they want to become or remain our customer, we need to win them over again and again. We need to constantly convince them of the value of our benefits and services and prove that they made a good choice in opting for our company health insurance fund.

We adapt to altered conditions quickly and professionally.

Thanks to our versatility and flexibility, we can build on our existing advantages and strengths and develop new advantages and strengths.

We are constantly improving and realizing our motto.

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