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Back pain? – Away from the operating table!

Zweite ArztmeinungSurgery on the spine is often recommended by German doctors, despite the fact that it does not always go well. Numerous experts are highlighting the risks and limited benefits.

BKK PwC’s recommendation is therefore to find out in advance if surgery on the spine is actually necessary, or if it could be avoided with alternative conservative treatment measures. The opinion of another doctor can be worth its weight in gold. Since January 2014, BKK PwC has been offering policyholders the option of having prescribed spinal surgery evaluated by a medical review commission.

Following an extensive examination, the doctor can then either confirm the surgery recommendation or suggest alternative measures that can be used to avoid surgery. Policyholders will therefore have another medical estimation as to which measures would be best and can more easily make their decision to have the surgery or not.

BKK PwC’s partner is FPZ: DEUTSCHLAND DEN RÜCKEN STÄRKEN AG, which coordinates the consulting process and provides more information on the medical review commission. FPZ: DEUTSCHLAND DEN RÜCKEN STÄRKEN is a market leader in the field of modern back pain therapy in Germany and offers a nationwide network of doctors and pain specialists with its expert team.

Please contact the FPZ infoline at 0221 58980770 and get some advice! Further information on our second opinion scheme for back pain can be obtained directly from BKK PwC by calling our toll-free service number 0800 2557920 or directly from your contact at BKK PwC, Ms. Isabell Hommel, at 05661 7302-71.

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