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Bonus program “JUMP”

BKK PwC’s bonus program rewards health-conscious behavior. If you attend check-ups, live a healthy lifestyle and keep fit, you will receive a bonus.

Here’s how it works …

Any self-insured member of BKK PwC can take part in JUMP. Co-insured spouses and children can help the main policyholder in meeting their bonus.

Health screening

Self-insured members and their co-insured family members take part in all screenings that they are entitled to:

  • Health check-up (every two years)
    The check-up offered from the age of 35 aims to identify risk factors and illnesses early. Your family doctor will check your blood pressure, heart, lungs, blood and urine, among other aspects.
  • Cancer screening (annual)
    For women aged 20 and over and men aged 45 and over. The chance of recovering from cancer is high if it is diagnosed and treated early.
  • Check-ups for children (U1 to U9 and J1)
    Your co-insured child takes part in the preventive healthcare program, which is made up of ten examinations. This aims to ensure early detection of illnesses and poor development up to the age of 15.

Health-conscious behavior

Here, it is sufficient for the member and their of age, co-insured family members to meet two of the following prerequisites:

  • Prevention course or Active Week
    Take part in an approved service for primary prevention every three years
    Plus: BKK PricewaterhouseCoopers covers the cost of individual health promotion services for its policyholders. The reimbursed amount is up to 300 euros per calendar year. Alternatively, you can also attend a BKK Active Week. We will be happy to advise you.
  • Regular sport: Provide evidence of active membership of a sports club or gym, evidence in the form of a sports badge or German hiking badge or proof of participation in fun run/half-marathon/marathon.
  • Electronic patient record
    Manage your ONLINE-GESUNDHEITs@KTE with our internet branch
  • Dental health check-up
  • Preventive vaccinations
    Provide evidence of preventive vaccinations, taken and paid for by BKK PwC.

The JUMP bonus program applies for a calendar year each time. To take part, please send us your JUMP bonus booklet by March 31 of the following year at the latest.

How much is the bonus?

If you and your co-insured, of age family members meet the aforementioned prerequisites (all check-ups and two prerequisites under health-conscious behavior) you will receive a bonus of 75 euros. For each additional item that you or an of age co-insured family member fulfill, you will receive an additional 25 euros.

Download participation booklet

Take part in our bonus program “JUMP”! By looking after your health, you can considerably increase your quality of life. And with JUMP, living health-consciously also pays off financially.

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