Misconduct in the healthcare industry - Don’t let it happen!

Our aim is to identify those that are abusing the structures of the healthcare system for their personal advantage. We also want to uncover the weaknesses within these structures that make such manipulations possible. We strive to remedy structural weaknesses in order to prevent abuse from the outset. An overarching working group with the umbrella organization of the statutory health insurance sector also has this remit.

Take action!

Many cases of fraud still go undetected. Help us to change this! If you are aware of any illegal activity in the healthcare sector, contact us. Describe the circumstances to us as precisely as possible. You can also submit your report anonymously. Please note: If you submit an anonymous report, we will not be able to come back to you with any unanswered questions that would allow us to follow up and solve the case.

We pursue every justified report. We do, of course, guarantee absolute confidentiality. Here is how to contact our corruption officer and help combat misconduct in the healthcare industry:

by mail

Corruption officer
Ms. Larissa Bachmann
Burgstraße 1 - 3
34212 Melsungen, Germany

or by e-mail

Thank you for your help!

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