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Switching is easy

  1. Please cancel with your existing health insurance provider by means of a form-free notification. For example, this could read: "I would like to hereby terminate my membership of your health insurance fund with effect from the next possible date. Please send me confirmation immediately as per § 175 Para. 4 SGB V [Volume V of the German Social Security Code]. I request that you do not attempt to convince me to keep my membership with you."

  2. Your existing health insurance provider will send you confirmation of cancellation within 14 days of receipt. Please send us the original copy of this!

  3. Simply send us your  membership application! We will take care of everything else for you. We will inform your employer’s HR department and send you your new BKK PwC Card as soon as possible.

You can also use our switching service!

ProTip: Did someone tell you about BKK PwC? We express our thanks with EUR 20 per recommendation with the promotion "Members recruiting members".

You have achieved your goal. Employees of the company and their spouses can switch to BKK PwC at any time. There is a two-month notice period. For example, if you cancel with your existing health insurance provider in September, you are able to take advantage of the benefits of our health insurance at the beginning of December. If you just switched health insurance providers recently, you can switch again as long as you have been insured with the health insurance provider for at least 18 months. Those with private health insurance unfortunately do not have such an elective right. If you leave PwC, you can remain insured with us and continue to take advantage of all of the benefits.

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