Think all health insurance funds are the same? - Think again.

Although over 90 percent of benefits are the same across health insurance funds as they are prescribed by Germany’s Social Security Code, there are considerable differences. Health insurance providers have room for maneuver when it comes to service and additional benefits additional benefits.

It is true that the German legislative authority sets very strict specifications for which medical benefits insurance funds can pay for for their members, and which they cannot. The result: Around 90 percent of benefits are identical across all of the 160 providers that currently exist.


Great extras from your health insurance provider

What is very pronounced is the scope for differentiation when it comes to possible additional benefits. This is because despite statutory standardization, insurance funds can offer a few interesting extras in addition to their mandatory program.

Concrete comparison between two health insurance funds

We would be happy to send you a comparison of the service and benefits between your old health insurance provider and BKK PwC. Simply send us an eMail.


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