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Healthcare funds, organizational reform, standardized contribution rates... a lot has changed about statutory health insurance since 2009. But one thing has remained the same: BKK PwC stands clearly apart from other health insurance funds. We beat our competitors with more service and more benefits. Our “plus points” are your advantages.

Professional teeth cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning (PTC) is not included in the range of services for statutory health insurance providers. BKK PwC covers costs of up to EUR 50 per calendar year for PTC for policyholders aged 18 and over. Simply send us the original copy of the invoice from your dentist and give us your bank details! Benefit plus point.




Internet branch

You can now get in touch with us even more quickly and easily. BKK PwC’s Internet branch provides you with numerous forms and applications, as well as your ONLINE-GESUNDHEITs@KTE. You can do lots of things conveniently from your computer: Tell us your new address, give us your bank details or apply for sickness benefits from your home PC. You can also get a clear overview of benefits used. Service plus point.

Bonus program “JUMP”

BKK PwC’s bonus program rewards health-conscious behavior. Any self-insured member of BKK PwC can take part in JUMP. Co-insured spouses and children can help the main policyholder in meeting their bonus. If you attend check-ups, live a healthy lifestyle and keep fit, you will receive a contribution refund of up to EUR 150. Financial plus point.

Competent and friendly advice

We guarantee that your issue will be dealt with quickly. You can contact us by e-mail, post, fax or telephone Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm. You will always get through to trained and specialized staff, not a call center. Should you call outside of these times, please leave a message on our answering machine. We will call you back the next day. You can contact us free of charge on 0800 2557920. Service plus point.

Prevention courses

Our top-quality range of courses offers something for every age group. The courses are constantly updated with the latest knowledge and quality standards. You can find all courses available in your region in our database. Simply enter your zip code and select a course. After completing the course, submit the invoice to BKK. We will cover the full cost, up to 300 euros per year. Benefit plus point.

The BKK PwC heathline

Looking for a new family doctor or medical specialist? Want a detailed explanation of the information leaflet provided with your medication? Thought of more questions after seeing the doctor? With our healthline, you have doctors and medical staff available daily – even on weekends and holidays – to answer your questions competently and comprehensively, without any time pressure. BKK PwC covers the cost of your call and the consultation. Service plus point.

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