Recommendation: Members recruiting members
Members recruiting members. You know the advantages your company health insurance provider. We provide a thank you of EUR 20 for every recommendation that leads to a membership with BKK.

Membership application
Do you want to switch to BKK PwC, or are you choosing a health insurance provider for the first time? To do this, we need a membership application from you. It is easy to fill out on screen. Then please print it out and send the original copy to us with your signature on it.

Employees of the company and their spouses can switch to BKK PwC at any time. There is a two-month notice period. For example, if you cancel with your existing health insurance provider in September, you are able to take advantage of the benefits of our health insurance at the beginning of December. If you just switched health insurance providers recently, you can switch again as long as you have been insured with the health insurance provider for at least 18 months. Those with private health insurance unfortunately do not have such an elective right.

Questionnaire for inclusion in the family insurance policy
The major benefit of BKK PwC health insurance is the fact that it extends to dependent family members as well. You don’t have to pay additional fees for your non-working spouse and children.

Inquiry tax ID
Since 2010, if you are taxable and have to finance your health insurance yourself, you can claim up to 2,800 euros of tax exemption for healthcare expenses. If you are employed and get a tax-free grant for your health insurance from your employer or are entitled to help, the taxation office may apply an amount of 1,900 euros. If you pay your contributions to us yourself (“self-payers”), we can, at your request, transfer the contributions that you have paid for health and long-term care insurance to the fiscal authority via the Zentrale Zulagenstelle für Altersvermögen (central body for retirement affairs, ZfA), using your tax identification number.

Participation booklet for bonus program “JUMP”
BKK PwC’s bonus program rewards health-conscious behavior. If you attend check-ups, live a healthy lifestyle and keep fit, you will receive a contribution refund. You can find more information on the JUMP bonus program here..

Der Wechsel zur BKK PricewaterhouseCoopers ist für Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens und deren Ehegatten jederzeit möglich. Es gilt eine zweimonatige Kündigungsfrist. Wenn Sie Ihre bisherige Krankenkasse beispielsweise im September kündigen, können Sie bereits ab Dezember die Vorteile unserer Krankenversicherung nutzen. Falls Sie erst kürzlich die Krankenkasse gewechselt haben, können Sie erneut wechseln, wenn Sie mindestens 18 Monate bei dieser Krankenversicherung versichert waren. Privat Krankenversicherte haben leider kein Wahlrecht.

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